Cubbon Park walkers association opposes commercial event on green space

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BENGALURU: Cubbon Park is a favourite hangout among Bengalureans and one of the city’s large lung spaces. Thousands of people visit the park every day. However, a programme organized by a private firm in Cubbon Park has stirred up a controversy.

Bengaluru has earned the sobriquet of Garden City due to its green cover, with Lalbagh and Cubbon Park enhancing its beauty. Some public programmes are conducted here with permission of the Horticulture Department. However, a private company named Trove Experience has proposed to organise a programme called ‘Healing Power of Forest’ on April 28 from 8 am to 10.30 am, allegedly without the permission of the Horticulture Department.

The organisers posted on their official website and on X calling the event a ‘Forest Bathing Experience’. The company is charging Rs 1,500 per person for hugging a tree in Cubbon Park. The forest bath is a concept from western Japan and claims to reduce negative energy by hugging the tree, and increasing positive energy.

An X user shared a screenshot of the ‘experience’ and called it a ‘scam’, triggering a debate on social media.

In addition, Cubbon Park director Pavitra Prasanna said that no permission has been given for any such commercial work in the park. “I came to know about this event after someone sent me  a screenshot of the programme. There is no such thing happening. This has come up without our notice and no commercial activities will be allowed. We are having a discussion on this and no permission has been given to them”, she said.

Even the Cubban Park Walkers’ Association has expressed opposition to this programme. Umesh, president, of the association, said, “We formed the association to protect Cubbon Park”.

Umesh alleged that the Horticulture Department was involved in such activities and has commercialised the park. “Without the department’s consent, nothing will happen here. There are security guards here. The department is commercialising everything here. It is wrong and the amount the private firm is charging is not fair. This is a public property and should be protected”, he stressed.

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