Congress promises Rs 2K per month to every woman head of household

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Priyanka Gandhi and other Congress leaders at the 'Na Nayaki' women's convention in Bengaluru on Monday.

BENGALURU: After announcing 200 units free power, the Karnataka Congress unit on Monday made its second promise of providing Rs 2,000 unconditional universal basic income to women heads of households, under the ‘Gurha Lakshmi Yojana’.

The party said the ‘Gruha Lakshmi Yojana’ is its attempt to share the burden of the exorbitant LPG prices and rising daily expenses that a woman has to bear. The Congress wants every woman of the state to be empowered, capable of standing on her own feet and taking care of her children and will provide financial assistance, it said in a statement.

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi made the announcement in the presence of women workers at the ‘Na Nayaki’ convention held at the Palace Grounds here on Monday. “On this occasion, we would like to reminisce about great women of the state such as Kittur Rani Chennamma, Onake Obavva, Rani Abbakka, Umabai Kundapur and other renowned women freedom fighters and hope to inspire the women of the state to raise their voice against the atrocities committed by the ruling BJP against them”, the party statement said.

The crowd at the convention.

“The Congress guarantees that every woman head of the household will get Rs 2,000 per month once we come to power. The amount will directly be credited to the accounts of the woman head of the family. This income for every woman will help them run their household by overcoming the burden of price rise and increase in LPG prices. More than 1.5 crore women will benefit from this scheme”, the party said.

Earlier in the day, crowds had lined up along the road from the airport to greet Priyanka Gandhi.

“The Congress firmly believes that if a woman is empowered, an entire family and consequently, our nation is empowered. Thus, we’ve decided to make this landmark promise of providing basic universal income for women in the state”, the statement added.

Earlier, Priyanka Gandhi was received at the Bengaluru airport by senior party leaders. The Youth Congress, led by, Mohammed Haris Nalapad, welcomed her with a huge garland of apples which was hoisted using a crane. Enthusiastic party workers, including women, had lined up along the road from the airport to the Palace Ground and greeted Priyanka Gandhi. Party workers danced and burst firecrackers to welcome her.

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