CM Siddaramiah hits out at BJP, JDS for alleging son’s involvement in ‘cash for posting’ scam

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BENGALURU: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has defended his son Yathindra after a viral video was posted by several opposition leaders claiming that Yathindra, a former MLA from Varuna constituency, was involved in an alleged ‘cash for posting’ scam.

The allegation first surfaced when former CM H D Kumaraswamy, in a post on X shared the viral video alleging “This video clip is a proof that the job posting for money, ‘Cash for Posting’ scam, has been going on in Karnataka. Congress’ recovery business has come to the fore. Do we need greater proof that Karnataka’s collection king father and son of Karnataka’s collection King have extorted money? The Chief Minister conducts a transfer business without shame”.

The alleged video show Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s son and former MLA Dr Yathindra in a ‘public relations meeting’ held in Keelanapura village of Mysuru taluk. Yathindra is heard making a phone call saying “Appa tell me” and talking about a list he had sent. He also questions the CM’s OSD Mahadev and directs him not to give any other list.

The BJP and the JD(S) are using the video now to allege high level corruption by the Congress. Siddaramaiah is the MLA of Varuna which was earlier represented by his son Yathindra.

In response, the Chief Minister said Kumaraswamy was making allegations about a phone conversation between him and his son concerning the Varuna Assembly constituency.

“When he was in power, former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, who was drowning in bribery and commission business, has seen and heard bribery dealings. Kumaraswamy is jumping on the phone conversation between me and my son, which was held in public, regarding the development of schools in Varuna constituency. I can only sympathize with this petty behavior of Kumaraswamy”, the CM said in a post on Facebook.

“Varuna Constituency Ashraya Committee chairman and former MLA Dr Yathindra, who is also a member of the KDP, is working hard for the development of that constituency. In this regard, he spoke to me about the list of beneficiary schools. Kumaraswamy has displayed his perverted mentality by twisting this conversation in front of the people of the constituency to mean recovery for transfer”, he further said.

“The people of the state have seen that since the day Kumaraswamy entered politics, he has been constantly talking about taking revenge against me through fabricated allegations. Now, with the sole intention of hurting me as a father, daily false accusations against Dr. Yathindra are a mirror of Kumaraswamy’s perverse mentality” the CM said.

Siddaramaiah also said that he was not one to stoop to Kumaraswamy’s level and drag in family members into political controversies. “Dr Yathindra, who sacrificed his position as MLA, has not backed down from public service and has fully engaged himself in the development of Varuna constituency. Kumaraswamy is making false allegations against him on a daily basis with the malicious intention of demoralizing him”, Siddaramiah said.

“H D Kumaraswamy seems to have forgotten that his wife and son are also in the political field. I cannot stoop to Kumaraswamy’s level and talk about his wife and son the way he does. I request that at least former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda should teach his son wisdom and avoid his son being subjected to tyranny by the people of the state”, he added.

The BJP, which has now allied with the JD(S), also lashed out at the Chief Minister echoing the allegations made by Kumaraswamy.

“YST (Yatindra Siddaramaiah Tax)” gaining attention once again. The government is treating the state like an ATM. Legal action must be taken against Yathindra and there needs to be accountability in the system. Siddaramaiah’s stance on the matter remains awaited”, BJP MLA Dr C N Ashwath Narayan alleged.

“A longstanding pattern since the current government took office. Video evidence trail of such incidents needs to be made public and an independent investigation is required into this racket”, R Ashoka said. (ANI)

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