‘Centre allocated Rs 2.93 lakh crore funds for Karnataka,’ says BJP chief Nadda

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DHARWAD : BJP national president JP Nadda on Sunday highlighted the significant increase in funding for Karnataka by the Government of India, which was Rs 80,000 crore previously and has now been increased to Rs. 2.93 lakh crores.

Nadda said, “Today, the Congress released an advertisement on how much (funds) they used to give (to Karnataka). Today, the Government of India has increased Karnataka’s funding by 4 times. How is the Congress able to make allegations against the Central Government? They forgot that they used to give Rs. 80,000 crore to Karnataka. And today, PM Modi gives Rs. 2.93 lakh crores.”

Nadda pointed out Congress’ long-standing failures, emphasizing their inability to alleviate poverty over six decades.

“When Jawaharlal Nehru gave the slogan of ‘Gareebi Hatao’, there was 50% poverty. When Indira Gandhi said ‘Gareebi Hatao’, there was 60% poverty. Rajiv Gandhi admitted that only 15 paise reached the poor out of 1 rupee. Now, Rahul Gandhi says that he will finish poverty in one blow, which they could not do in 60 years. This happened because of their ‘Drawing room’ politics.”

Nadda further emphasized the efficacy of current poverty alleviation schemes under the Modi government, particularly the ‘Pradhan Mantri Gareeb Kalyan Anna Yojana’, which he described as the world’s largest scheme for the poor.

He noted, “80 crore people are getting a free ration every month. Out of 80 crore, 4 crore are from Karnataka.”

“As a result of the scheme, 25 crore people who were Below Poverty Line are now Above Poverty Line, according to IMF and NITI Aayog,” he said.

Earlier, BJP President JP Nadda attacked the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, saying that they indulged in corruption, promoted nepotism, enjoyed the cream, had fun and forgot the public.

Hitting out at the UPA government, Nadda said, “What happened during the UPA government? They did corruption, promoted nepotism, enjoyed the cream, had fun, and forgot the public.” (ANI)

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