CBSE finds variation between theory and practical marks, asks schools to review internal assessment procedures

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Public TV English
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NEW DELHI : The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has detected, through advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tools, a significant variation between theory and practical marks in certain subjects among 50 per cent or more students.

The variation has been found in about 500 CBSE-affiliated schools, based on past years’ result statistics, which highlights a need for meticulous assessment during practical examinations in schools.

Consequently, the Board has issued an advisory to such schools to review their internal assessment procedures.

The aim is to implement a more robust, transparent, and reliable mechanism to ensure that the assessment process is realistic and adds substantial value to the student’s academic journey.

This advisory serves as a reminder to prioritize fairness and accuracy in assessing practical examinations, thereby enhancing the quality of education imparted in CBSE-affiliated institutions. (ANI)

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