BJP MP Shobha Karandlaje writes to Amit Shah, urges investigation into Valmiki Development Corp scam in Karnataka

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NEW DELHI : Union Minister and BJP MP Shobha Karandlaje wrote a letter to Home Minister Amit Shah urging him to investigate the alleged Valmiki Development Corporation Scam in Karnataka.

In her letter to the Home Minister, Shobha said, “The Valmiki Development Corporation was established with the noble aim of advancing the socio-economic development of marginalized communities. However, recent reports have exposed a significant misappropriation of funds allocated for developmental projects. The magnitude of this scam, involving the diversion of substantial sums of money, raises serious concerns about the governance and accountability mechanisms in place.”

The Bangalore North MP also mentioned the alleged suicide of Accounts Superintend associated with the corporation.

“Chandrashekaran, accounts superintend associated with the Valmiki Development Corporation, tragically ended his life under distressing circumstances. Reports suggest that his suicide may be linked to the intense pressures and potential threats he faced about the scam. The loss of Chandrashekaran is a grievous blow, and his death underscores the urgent need for a transparent and thorough investigation into the factors leading to his untimely demise,” Shobha said in her letter to Amit Shah.

Notably, Chandrasekaran (45), a resident of the Kenchappa colony of Vinobanagar was an officer of Maharishi Valmiki Development Corporation and was working in the Bengaluru office. His suicide had led to a loud political row in the state, with the BJP targeting the state government.

Chandrasekaran allegedly wrote a six-page suicide note before dying by suicide. He also mentioned the names of three officials in the death note and revealed the “multi-crore corruption.” A case was registered in this regard at Vinobanagar police station. The note has led to the unravelling of an alleged scam that saw fraudulent transactions worth Rs 94.73 crore from the department’s bank accounts from one branch of Union Bank of India to another.

“Additionally, there have been serious allegations against Union Bank regarding their involvement in facilitating or overlooking the financial mismanagement associated with Valimiki’s Development Corporation. It has been reported that Union Bank’s role in the transactions and management of funds is under scrutiny, and a complaint has been lodged with the CBI,” she added.

Further, the BJP MP urged the Home Minister to initiate a comprehensive investigation into the Valmiki Development Corporation scam, ensuring that all individuals and entities involved are held accountable.

“Ensure the CBI conducts a thorough inquiry into the role of Union Bank and other financial institutions that may be implicated. Provide support and justice for the family of Chandrashekaran, acknowledging the circumstances that led to his tragic death. Implement stringent oversight mechanisms to prevent such scams in the future and to safeguard public funds intended for developmental projects,” Karandlaje said. (ANI)


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