Cave-in: Brigade Road opens to traffic movement after safety checks

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BENGALURU: Brigade Road in the heart of the city, which witnessed a cave-in on Thursday, was opened to traffic after the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) filled the gaping hole with cement concrete on Friday.

On Thursday, two persons on a two-wheeler were injured after a part  of the road near Shoolay Circle, where the BMRCL is conducting tunneling work, caved in. After the incident, the road was closed to traffic for safety purposes and also to take up work on the caved-in part. On Thursday night, BMRCL tested the road and filled concerete and closed the 2 metre-deep hole in the road.

The BMRCL filled the caved-in part on Brigade Road and conducted checks before it was opened to traffic on Friday.

On Friday, BMRCL conducted tests by driving vehicles through the place, but failed in the first attempt and filled more concrete and undertook curing. The road was tested again after which traffic movement was allowed.

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