Bus driver thrashes bike rider for blocking way, showing middle finger

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A video shows the BMTC driver thrashing a motorcycle rider for allegedly not giving way.

BENGALURU: A BMTC bus driver badly thrashed a motorcycle rider for blocking his way continuously on the Yelahanka route. A video of the incident has since gone viral and the driver has been placed under suspension.

The motorcycle rider was reportedly blocking the way of the bus and not allowing it to overtake him. Angered by this, the bus driver shouted at the rider.

The motorcycle rider the stopped his vehicle, got into the bus and engaged in an argument with the conductor and driver. He even showed the driver the middle finger.

Both the bus driver and the motorcycle rider have lodged complaints against each other.

Provoked by this, the driver caught hold of the motorcycle rider and badly thrashed him even as the bus passengers were looking on.

The motorcycle rider later filed a complaint against the bus driver. The latter has also filed a counter-complaint with the police.

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