BMTC conductors struggle to use ETMs

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BENGALURU: As part of the modernisation effort, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has provided new Electronic Ticketing Machine (ETM) for bus conductors last month, but many of them are still struggling to handle the machine as they have not been trained properly.

The BMTC is switching over from the manual ticketing system in buses to the ETM for the ease of commuters. The ETMs also eliminate the need for currency change which often led to verbal duels between conductors and passengers. But, soon after introducing the ETMs, the BMTC stopped the service as it had received dysfunctional and faulty machines, which irked both conductors and passengers.

A camera is fixed on the rear of the ETM machine, but conductors do not know what to do with it.

Now, BMTC has purchased 10,000 new ETMs last month and handed them over to conductors without proper training on operating them. Some conductors say that the BMTC trained them only for issuing tickets. But there are other functions available on the machines, like QR code and UPI systems with camera facilities, which they are not aware how to use.

Most of the conductors do not know how to collect fares using the QR code. Also, the camera at the rear can be used to record any untoward incidents during the trips. Some of the conductors said, “The ETM is just like a mobile, so we can learn how to operate it on our own”. However, some other said it is better to train all BMTC conductors regarding complete use of ETMs.

Conductor Chandrashekhar said, “The BMTC trained us for issuing tickets and QR code scanning. We know what is the benefit of cameras in the ETM. The device can be used to issue luggage tickets too and trip information is also avaialable on it”.

However, conductor Rama Naik said, “The BMTC trained us about using the machine, but I do not know how to use the QR code for scanning and collecting payments. I have to learn it”.

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