BMRCI men’s hostel in pathetic state; kitchen cleaning task taken up in women’s hostel

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BENGALURU: After the revelation of the pathetic situation at the Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMRCI) women’s hostel, it has come to light that the institute’s men’s hostel too is in a pathetic state.

There is foul smell in the kitchen and contaminated water is supplied for drinking purposes. Amid this, medical students are now concerned about their health. After 47 female students in the hostel fell ill and were admitted to the hospital.

The condition of BMCRI’s Tunga men’s hostel has also sickening due to the lack of cleanliness. There is no clean drinking water facility and the condition of the kitchen is unhygienic.

There are 291 students in the boys hostel who are not getting filtered water. After being alerted by the cholera outbreak in the BMCRI women’s hostel, they installed a reverse osmosis plant in the hostel two days ago, but it is only available on one floor while the rest get dirty water. The students have alleged that there are heaps of garbage lying everywhere and worms are often found in the meals.

There are three hostels — Tunga, Bhadra and Bhima — under the management of Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMRCI). The authorities concerned seem to be ignoring the medical students’ complaints about hostel sanitation.

Meanwhile, BMRCI women’s hostel management took up cleaning of the kitchen and vessels after 47 female students fell sick. A new purifier for drinking water has been installed.

According to the hostel dean and director, Dr Ramesh Krishna, food is supplied from the Victoria Hospital kitchen to the hostel inmates. The RO water tank was cleaned and serviced. Currently, Bisleri water cans are being given to the students as a precautionary measure.

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