Bitcoin accused Sriki provided with gunman by SIT

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BENGALURU: The Special Investigation Team (SIT) has provided a gunman for security to Sriki, the prime accused in the Bitcoin case, as he is facing a death threat.

The government had formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate the Bitcoin scam. Sriki had given explosive information before the SIT following which he is said to be facing a death threat. Apart from that, Sriki had tried to evade the police and hence, a gunman was provided.

During the Assembly election, the Bitcoin scam issue had stirred a storm in the state. There were rumours that many influential politicians and bureaucrats were involved in it.

International hacker Srikrishna, alias Sriki, who was said to be the mastermind behind the scam, was arrested and interrogated by the CCB police.

There are allegations that politicians were using Sriki in a Bitcoin scam. The first chargesheet was filed on February 22, 2021, against Sriki and the four others for their involvement in various cyber crimes. The Congress government had formed an SIT  team to re-investigate the case after it came to power.

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Srikrishna, a resident of Bengaluru, started hacking websites from 2014 to 2017 after completing his BSc in Computer Science in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Initially, he got experience in hacking small websites and later started targeting websites of bigger companies and continued it as a full-time job. After hacking the websites, he used to get money through Bitcoin. He was using the dark web for all his activities, so most of the information was not available. He also faces allegations of peddling drugs using Bitcoins.

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