Bengaluru bizman owns world’s most expensive dog costing Rs 20 crore

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BENGALURU: Many people have a love for pet animals and some go to great extents to buy new breeds just for their passion. Now, a businessman from Bengaluru has purchased a Russian breed, a Caucasian Shepherd, costing Rs 20 crore. The canine, which is quite tall, is an expensive breed and weighs about 100 kg.

Businessman Satish, who is also the president of Indian Dog Breeders Association, is the owner of the pedigree breed and spends about Rs 10,000 every day for its food and for its maintenance.

Previously, a Hyderabad-based builder also owned the Caucasian Shepherd and Satish, who owns Cadaboms Kennel, was eager to get the dog for himself too.

“I had a desire to have a rare breed and I brought this dog to Bengaluru just six months ago. The dog had won 30 medals in dog shows. I am very passionate about buying new breeds. I was used to purchase Indian breeds in the initial days. I was the first in India to import a Neapolitan Mastiff dog from Russia. I used to participate in the dog shows with my pet. After the mastiff died I started to look for the world’s rarest dog breed which would have been with one or two breeders, when I found the Caucasian Shepherd”.

Satish also has two pups of the same breed which costs Rs 5 crore each.

Satish has previously judged international dog shows. He has now more than 150 dogs in his kennel and is planning to organise a mega canine show in the city in February. He has also planned to bring Russian breeds by a private flight to the dog show.

The Caucasian Mastiff is bold, fearless and fierce when a threat is present, but is soft, devoted, kind and endearing to family, including other family pets. The Caucasian shepherd is an ancient breed, so old they are first mentioned as being used by Armenian armies in the 1st Century BC.

It is a giant working dog breed from the Caucasus region of Europe and Asia with a thick, medium-length coat and a big-boned, muscular build. This breed originated to protect property and livestock, and it tends to be quite loyal to its family.

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