Autorickshaw fare meter shows Rs 400 for 4-km ride from Majestic to Lalbagh

Public TV English
Public TV English
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The fare meter would jump every few seconds.

BENGALURU: An autorickshaw passenger was forced to shell out about Rs 800 as fare for a ride from Majestic to Lalbagh at night when the fare is double the normal. For a distance of about 4.4 km, the autorickshaw meter showed a fare of Rs 400.

The passenger said he was surprised at the speed at which the fare meter kept rolling and would jump Rs 5 per second. Despite bringing this to his notice, the auto driver allegedly demanded the double charge over the Rs 400 fare. The driver also allegedly used abusive language when the passenger refused to pay up.

The passenger captured a video of the autorickshaw jumping every few seconds. An X user, Aalam Sultanji (@AalamSultanji) posted a video on X and tagged the city police. The city police responded to him on how to lodge a complaint in case of overcharging by autorickshaw drivers. The Upparpet traffic police too responded to the post promising action if the autorickshaw registration number was provided.

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