American singer Jessica Simpson returns to music after long hiatus, says her kids are ‘very excited’

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WASHINGTON(US): American singer and actor Jessica Simpson opened up about the support she gets from her children, adding that they are excited about her return to music, reported People.

“I was too nervous to go back into other careers that are my passion until I felt like they were confident enough in school and in life before I would step foot on stage,” Simpson, 43, told People exclusively at PetSafe’s Unleashed Event.

She added, “It’s crazy, the responsibility to feel as a parent, but really I look to them and they teach me so much.”

“They’re teaching me to be brave,” she added.

After a long hiatus from music — during which she had Maxwell “Maxi” Drew, 11, Ace Knute, 10, and Birdie Mae, 4 — the mother of three is ready to hit play again, and her kids could not be more excited.

The ‘I Wanna Love You Forever’ singer is excited to resume what she was “born to do” with a new support system by her side. “Now, at this point in my life, going back into music, it’s very exciting,” she said, adding that her kids are “very excited” for her as well.

“They know that I’m living my dream and that that’s what I was born to do,” she told People, adding, “And so to have them experience that with me is going to be really beautiful.”

The singer’s soon-to-be-regular trek between Los Angeles and Nashville is “not that long of a flight,” and the work trips will be easier on her kids because “they know that I’m doing something that I really want to do.”

Last month, the “With You” crooner — who shares her three children with husband Eric Johnson — opened up about how motherhood will impact her music career this time around, reported People. (ANI)

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