Afghanistan: Helicopter crash kills two pilots

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KABUL (Afghanistan) : A helicopter of the Taliban-ruled Air Force crashed while patrolling in the northern Samangan province resulting in the death of two people, Khaama Press reported citing the Defence Department.

The Taliban-appointed defence department confirmed that the helicopter of the air force (MD- 530) faced a technical problem after colliding with a high-voltage power line in the Khulm district of Samangan province, which resulted in the death of its two pilots.

Previously, the head of the information and culture department of the Taliban in Samangan province told reporters that a military helicopter had crashed in the Khulm district of the province.

This is not the first time a military helicopter is facing a technical problem and eventually crashes, leaving its pilots dead in Afghanistan, reported Khaama Press.

Since the Taliban took over power in Afghanistan in August 2021, several air force helicopters have crashed due to unknown reasons.

On September 10, 2022, a US-manufactured Black Hawk helicopter crashed during military training in Kabul, leaving at least three Afghan crew members killed the Taliban’s defence ministry said.

It is not known how many US choppers remain in the hands of the Taliban government. As the US-backed Afghan government collapsed in mid-August last year, dozens of Afghan pilots fled to Central Asian countries, including Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, according to Khaama Press. (ANI)

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