Accused in Chaitra Kundapur case denies link with money, claims he was asked to act as RSS functionary

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BENGALURU: The CCB slueths from Bengaluru arrested the fifth accused in the cheating case involving Hindu activist Chaitra Kundapur case on Thursday. Prior to reaching the CCB office, he spoke exclusively to Public TV about the deal and his role as ‘Vishwanath Ji’, supposed to be an RSS functionary.

The accused is Channa Naik, a resident of KR Puram, who posed as Vishwanath ji, a member of the BJP election committee during. “I entered the scene only towards the end. The accused Gagan told me to pretend that I am Vishwanath ji, they also showed me a picture of how I should look”, he claimed.

“I am not Kabab Naik or, KR Puram Naik, but some channels have been using the name ‘Kabab Naik’ since yesterday. Also, I have not disappeared anywhere. The CCB did not issue any notice to me. I am very curious to know why they did not arrest me till today”, Naik claimed. He also requested media outlets not use such word as Kabab Naik to refer to him.

“The whole drama was played out in Kadur. We also lived in Kadur and I shifted to Bengaluru just a month ago. I have nothing to do with the Rs 5 crore deal. Neither the complainant Govinda Babu Pujari nor Chaitra spoke about this to me”, Naik claimed.

Further, he said, “They told me that She will become the next MP with Govinda Babu Poojari becoming an MLA. They said that I should provide whatever support they need politically and that I should cooperate with them. When I asked what I should do, they asked me to go to Kumara Krupa Guest House while Govinda Babu Pujari would meet me and I had to pass on an envolope to him. After that, I was told to shake hands and tell him that I was getting late to board a flight and to leave the place. I did whatever they said”, Channa Naik claimed.

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