8.5% commission charges in drip irrigation subsidy scheme of Horticulture Department

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A farmer with the drip irrigation equipment installed in his farm.

CHAMARAJANAGAR: Amidst allegations of 40 per cent commission by contractors and 30 per cent commission by maths for release of grants, another scam has come to light in the grant of subsidy for drip irrigation given through the Horticulture Department.

It is being alleged that companies that deal in drip irrigation equipment and dealers in Chamarajanagar district are holding back 8.5 per cent commission, which supposedly goes to the minister concerned. In some of the statement of accounts seen by Public TV, entries are made against ‘Blr Mini’, which some say refers to minister.

Under the subsidy scheme for drip irrigation, a general category farmer gets 75 per cent subsidy with Scheduled Caste farmers get 90 per cent subsidy. The commission issue was also discussed in a WhatsApp group of dealers of drip irrigation equipment.

A dealer in drip irrigation equipment said, “The BJP’s claims of giving corruption-free governance have fallen flat. Commission culture and corruption are everywhere. There is huge corruption in the Horticulture Department. The companies are openly recording the ‘commission’ in their accounts and bills. When asked about the entries, they openly say it is the commission for the minister.

“As dealers, we get only 4-5 per cent margin. How can we run our business by giving 8.5 per cent commission? We are temporarily going slow on some orders because we want this government to go. We gave a memorandum to the government too. If they don’t get money, they create hurdles”, he noted.

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