Yuva Brigade calls for ‘Akhand Bharath Jodo’ campaign ahead of Deepavali

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Public TV English
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BENGALURU: Yuva Brigade founder Chakravarthi Sulibele has called for an ‘Akhand Bharat Jodo’ campaign ahead of the Deepavali festival on Thursday.

“I urge Hindus to buy halal-free products. Let’s make a resolution this time on Deepavali by lighting the lamp to connect our lands. We Indians have been continuously invaded and disconnected from our own land. With Akhanda Bharth’s broad imagination, we can plan and be cautious about our demographic changes”, Sulibele said.

Chakravarthi Sulibele, founder of Yuva Brigade.

How to Participate in the Akhand Bharath Campaign?

  • 1. Keep an image of Mother India and decorate it with lamps.
  • 2. A map of Akhand Bharth can be hung with a lantern.
  • 3.Create the Akhand Bharth rangoli and embellish it with lamps.
  • 4.Youngsters can stand in the shape of Akhand Bharath and hold lamps in their hands.
  • 5. Tribute can be paid to freedom fighters of Balochistan who are dying under the oppression of Pakistan.
  • 6. Pay tribute to Indian Army soldiers who defeated Pakistan in various battles by lighting lamps in front of their photos.
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