Youth lands in police station after snatching girlfriend’s phone

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BENGALURU: A youth, who had come to the city from Raichur to meet his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day and give her a gift, landed in the police station after snatching her phone on seeing her with another youth.

The youth’s girlfriend is studying at a prestigious private college in Bengaluru. When he arrived from Raichur, she was not at the college. He then went near Cash Pharmacy junction to look for her and found her in the company of another youth.

Angered by this, the Raichur youth asked his girlfriend whether the other youth was her other boyfriend. Confused by his questions, the girl refused to respond. Then, the Raichur youth snatched the mobile phone from her hand and checked it.

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When the girlfriend raised an alarm, woman traffic constable Shazia started chasing the youth for half a kilometre thinking that he had stolen a mobile phone, and finally caught him with the help of the public. He was then taken to the Ashok Nagar police station on suspicion of being a mobile thief.

When the Ashok Nagar police questioned him, the youth narrated what had happened and the girl too corroborated the story. The police then released him after taking a bond letter from him.

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