Youth creates ruckus on train after passengers question him for smoking

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TUMKUR: Two youths smoking cigarettes on a moving train, shouted at fellow passengers after they objected to it and questioned them near Tiptur. The incident occurred in a train that was heading to Belagavi from Bengaluru around 10 pm on Thursday.

A senior citizen recorded a video of the youths smoking in the moving train which has gone viral on social media.

Some people on the train questioned the youths about their disrespectful behaviour. But the two youths argued with them for objecting for smoking. One of the youths even threatened and warned against recordign the video of him. He even blew cigarette smoke at the passenger and dare him to do whatever he wanted to do. He also told the fellow passengers that they need not teach him. “What is the big deal when others are also smoking in the other coaches?” the youth can be heard arguing.

One of the passenger can even be heard questioning him that if any disaster happened on the train because of the cigarette, who will be held responsible? The youth later stubbed his cigarette.

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