Won’t back down: Advocate Jai Anant Dehadrai on ‘illegal surveillance’ charge against Mahua Moitra

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NEW DELHI: After alleging that former Trinamool MP Mahua Moitra was conducting surveillance against him, advocate Jai Anant Dehadrai has said that he has filed his complaint with the CBI and will not back down.

Advocate Jai Anant Dehadrai was also the complainant in the alleged ‘cash for query’ case which led to the suspension of Mahua Moitra from Parliament.

Advocate Jai Anant Dehadrai said on Wednesday, “I have given my complaint to CBI. This is a very serious issue and there are people from Odisha who are financing and supporting those against whom I have filed a complaint (to CBI). This fight is a bit dangerous, but I will not back down”.

Earlier, Jai Anant Dehadrai on Tuesday alleged that TMC leader Mahua Moitra is carrying out “illegal surveillance on him with her contacts in West Bengal police”. In a letter to CBI director Praveen Sood and Union Home Minister Amit Shah dated December 29, Dehadrai said that there might be a possibility that the TMC leader is “tracking” his physical location by using his phone number.

Dehadrai, in his letter, also alleged, “Moitra has a demonstrated history of misusing her clout and connections with certain senior officers of Bengal police to obtain the Call Detail Records (CDR) of private individuals to satisfy her desire to stalk the precise whereabouts of certain individuals as also the details of the individuals they are in touch with”.

Advocate Dehadrai also stated in his complaint that earlier, the TMC leader was actively “tracking a person named Suhaan Mukerji in 2019”. “Moitra informed me orally on multiple occasions in the past as also in writing (on WhatsApp on 26.09.2019) that she had been actively tracking her ex-boyfriend, one Suhaan Mukerji, as she suspected him of being in a relationship with a German lady”, the letter read.

Jai Anant Dehadrai further alleged that Moitra, with the assistance of “Senior Bengal Police Officers”, had the entire call records and history of Mukerji’s phone in which she had precise information about the individuals who had been “in contact with Mukerji as also the precise physical location of Mukerji’s phone for all hours of the day”.

The advocate also stated that Mahua Moitra has made several threats to him in the past and also said that on several occasions he felt that his car was being followed outside his residence in Delhi.

Responding to the allegations made in the complaint, Mahua Moitra in her post on X, urged the Home Ministry to appoint a Special Director in the CBI for complaints by ‘jilted exes’ all over India.

“Urging MHA to set up a special Director CBI to probe all complaints by loser jilted exes pan India. Gratified to see Shahenshah of all Peeping Toms cc’d on the complaint. – he honed his surveillance skills covering up for his Sahib in Gujarat and can supervise CBI”, she said in a post on X.

Moitra, facing cash for query allegations, was expelled from the Lok Sabha after the Parliament adopted the report of its Ethics Committee, which was probing the matter. Moitra said that the Ethics Committee, without getting to the root of the investigation, decided to hang her. (ANI)

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