Woman stages gold theft to teach husband a lesson, ploy exposed by cops

Public TV English
Public TV English
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BENGALURU: A woman has landed in a soup after staging a gold theft to teach her husband a lesson. The drama came to light during inquiry after she complained to the Malleswaram police.

The woman stole 109 grams of her own gold ornaments that had been released from mortgage. She then concealed it in a scooter and called her friend who came and took the scooter and left. After that, the woman complained to the Malleswaram police about the alleged ‘gold theft’.

When the police began investigation, it was revealed that her friend Dhanraj had taken the scooter along with the gold. The police also checked the call records of the duo to confirm any conversation between them.

The woman then admitted that she staged the theft as she wanted to teach her husband a lesson. The police are now seeking legal opinion in going ahead with the case since the gold ornaments belong to her.

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