Woman refuses bag of sugar given by minister’s supporters, hailed online

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The minister's supporters trying to coax the woman to accept the bag of sugar.

BAGALKOT: A woman from Galagali village in Bilagi Assembly constituency is drawing much praise on social media for refusing a bag of sugar offered by supporters of a minister. A video of the incident has since gone viral.

A couple of supporters of Major Industries Minister Murugesh Nirani were distributing bags of sugar in the village. However, one woman vehemently refused to take it despite being coaxed, cajoled and even after the bag was forcefully kept inside her house.

Though one of the men forcefully kept the bag of sugar inside the house, the woman brought it back outside.

In the video, the woman can be heard refusing to accept the bag of sugar several times and when one of the minister’s supporters entered her house and forcefully placed the bag inside, she carried it back outside and placed it outside her threshold. Not knowing what esle to do, the supporters simply left the scene taking back the bag with them.

After social activist Yellappa Hegde shared the video, several citizens hailed the woman for showing maturity and refusing to fall for enticements offered by politicians. All voters should reject such enticements and only then can democracy, in the truest form, survive, they commented.

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