Woman posing as police officer nabbed

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BENGALURU: A woman has been accused of cheating several people and extorting money from them by posing as a police officer. She got them to believe that she got the job after her husband’s death. Now, she was nabbed by the Jnanabharati police.

The woman allegedly cheated many people claiming that she was a police inspector, would wear a police inspector’s uniform and take money from people by promising them to get their work done. She would then abscond after getting money from people.

The woman, Sunita (name changed), has an illicit relationship with a police inspector. The officer died due to illness and the woman started misusing her relationship and got people to believe that she had got her ‘husband’s’ position after his death.

Sunita, who had been absconding for three months after receiving money from several people, including auto drivers and private firm workers, was nabbed by some people who found her at a Cottonpet lodge and handed her over to Jnanabharati police.

One of the women who got cheated said, “The woman came to our house saying that her husband is a police inspector and she will be alone at the quarters after he goes to the station. So, she asked for shelter for some days here. She was in our house for 15 days. Then the woman asked for Rs 30,000 as her house was raided by income tax officials, and we arranged money and gave it. She also took Rs 20,000 from my husband before this. She has nothing and has cheated many people by telling lies”.

Another victim, Shivu, who also got cheated by her, said, “She claimed she is getting Rs 1.5 crore of her husband’s money and asked for Rs 40,000 to pay tax in banks, but I gave Rs 15,000. She was supposed to give Rs 50,000 room rent and laundry. The woman used to wear a police uniforms and make people believe that she would take charge of their area. Earlier, she came looking for a rental house. That was how we came to know her”.

The accused, Sunita said, “I need three days to return their money. I did not cheat anyone. I did not take money by threatening them. They have caught me when I was in trouble. My husband was an inspector, but now he is no more. I will clear everything”.

Police sources said a case was registered against the woman at Jnanabharati police station. It will be transferred to Ajjampura as she is in Ajjampura police custody.

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