Woman, paramour plot to kill husband; five arrested

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BENGALURU: In a twist to the case of an unidentified body that was found near Thalaghattapura last month, police investigation has revealed that the deceased’s wife had plotted with her paramour to eliminate him. The police have now arrested five people, including the woman.

Arun (42) was running the ‘Gowdru Mane Baadoota’ hotel in Rajarajeshwari Nagar. He was brutally murdered on the night of June 18 in Talaghattapura and his body was dumped in an isolated place. During investigation, the police learnt that Arun had some financial deals with Ganesh, who used to supply water to Arun’s hotel. He had also got Arun some finance.

Arun got married to Ranjitha six years ago. However, Ranjitha and Ganesh got into an illegal relationship and both planned to eliminate him. Accordingly, on the day of the murder, Ranjitha left for her hometown Mandya and Ganesh invited Arun for a drink while also promising to get his some money.

By the time Arun arrived, Ganesh had already summoned his associates. They threw chilli power at Arun’s face and attacked him with swords more than 20 times. The police have now arrested Ranjitha, Ganesh, Shivananda, Deepu and Sharath.———————

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