Woman logdes complaint with CCB after losing Rs 3.35 lakh in online fraud

Chandan Arora
Chandan Arora
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Arul Mouli, who got cheated by fraudster lost Rs 3.35 lakh from bank account.

BENGALURU: A woman resident of Avalahalli near K R Puram had lost her bank savings Rs 3.35 lakh in a week. The woman, Arul Mouli, who got cheated by fraudsters through online transactions, has now lodged a complaint with the cyber crime police and even tried to get her bank UPI ID blocked.

Arul Mouli claimed, “I contacted the customer care and placed a request to block my bank UPI ID, but they did not do it. I again contacted the customer care to confirmation, but the staff told me that the UPI ID was not blocked. When I checked it with the bank, the staff suggested to change the UPI ID after I noticed that someone hacked my number and a transaction was done on February 26. On March 6, I lost Rs 2.31 lakh which was in my bank account”.

“I then complained with cyber crime police, but they too did not respond. When I visited the Central Crime Branch (CCB) office, they simply dismissed my compliant saying that I may have pressed some scam link without knowing what it was. I have lost about Rs 3.50 lakh in all”, she added.

“At the bank too, I did not get proper answers and the staff told me that it is impossible to recover the money. I got some weird blackmailing sort of messages on my phone which said ‘If you don’t transfer money, I will send your edited photos to all your contact numbers’. The unknown fraudster has hacked into my all contacts. For some time, I was not using my phone on the suggestion of the police but, after a few days, Rs 15,000 was debited from my account though I had blocked my UPI ID. When I verified with the CCB police, they said that Rs 1.80 lakh has been put on hold. When I checked with the bank, they said it cannot be refunded the lost amount. To the best my best knowledge, I have not shared my UPI ID with anybody or clicked on any links. Many senior citizens are complaining about fraud online transaction at CCB” .

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