Woman arrested for fraud in the name of child artist Vanshika, sent to judicial custody

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Public TV English
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BENGALURU: A woman, identified as Nisha Narasappa, was arrested by Sadashivanagar police for defrauding people of about Rs 50 lakh by misusing the name of child artist Vanshika Anjani Kashyapa, daughter of actor Master Anand. The 39th ACMM court has sent Nisha Narasappa to judicial custody for 14 days.

The accused was arrested based on a police complaint registered by Master Anand’s wife Yashaswini at the Sadashivanagar police session alleging that Nisha was committing fraud in the name of her daughter.

The accused cheated people of lakhs of rupees in the name of NN Production. She had taken money from parents of children by convincing them that she would conduct talent shows, modelling for children and manage events.

Those who have been cheated by her are now filing complaints against Nisha. She allegedly cheated many people by using the name of Master Anand’s daughter Vanshika. It is alleged that she has taken Rs 40 lakh by misusing Vanshika’s name.

Speaking to Public TV, the child artist’s mother Yashaswini said, “I got to know Nisha Narasappa through her Instagram. We worked together on a few events. She was the only person I knew in that group. Her work seemed genuine at first. After six or seven months, some problems started. Everyone who worked with Nisha gave negative opinions. I brought this to Nisha’s attention and she stopped talking to me”.

There are allegations that Nisha had received money from many people in the name of actors and, after that, she would not receive their calls, and would speak arrogantly when she answered the calls. Nisha Narsappa was living a luxurious life with money gained from the alleged fraud.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Srinivas Gowda R, said, “We have received a complaint regarding fraud where children are auditioned and promoted for some reality shows. The names of hosts of popular reality shows are taken and people are cheated after promising to launch their children through organisations with a similar name. According to the complaint, parents are approached on the pretext of helping their children make it to such shows. Further investigation is being undertaken based on the complaint”.

The prime accused has been sent to the Santwana Centre for further investigation. A complaint and countercomplaint have also been filed. The entire issue will be revealed only after further investigation. Many people have claimed to have been cheated by her and they are being considered as witnesses, the DCP added.

Among the others, Nisha is said to have defrauded Arun Kumar of Rs 60,000, Jayakumar, an autorickshaw driver, of Rs 5,000 and techie Vishwanath of Rs 13,000. Further investigation is under way.

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