With son’s prospects in mind, Siddaramaiah to consult family on where to constest from

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Opposition leader Siddaramaiah briefing media persons in Mysuru on Wednesday.

BENGALURU, MYSURU: With the Congress central leadership suggesting that Opposition leader Siddaramaiah should contest from Varuna constituency and not contest from Kolar, there seems to be a bit of dilemma in the former CM’s household regarding the political fortunes of his son Yathindra, who is the sitting MLA from that constituency.

Siddaramaiah is believed to have held discussions with his family members after his return from New Delhi about his contesting from Varuna and the party giving Yathindra an MLC or parliamentary seat. He is expected to hold more discussion with his family members before coming to a decision.

“I have told my family that I will speak to the party high command and let them know. Nothing can be dismissed in politics”, he said to a question on whether he would contest from Varuna. “Anything may happen in politcs”, he remarked. “I am not making any personal decision, whatever the high command decides, I will go by that. Right now, the options are Badami, Kolar and Varuna”, he added.

Meanwhile, Siddaramaiah’s wife is learnt to have said that if Yathindra is not allowed to contest from Varuna, his political future may be in jeopardy and reviving his fortunes could prove difficult.

Siddaramaiah during a roadshow in Kolar recently.

She is believed to have told Siddaramaiah not to spoil their son Yathindra’s chances and to let him contest from Varuna and that he should contest from Kolar, where, she felt, the prospects are good for him. She is also learnt to have suggested that Yathindra should be made minister if the Congress forms the next government.

On his part, Yathindra is learnt to have said that his father should not contest from Kolar as it could prove risky, and that Siddaramaiah should contest from Varuna while he would keep off the electoral battle.

Interestingly, during the last election, Siddaramaiah’s wife had apparently suggested that he should not contest from Chamundeshwari constituency saying that it had become unfavourable ever since their eldest son Rakesh Siddaramaiah passed away, and that he should contest from elsewhere.

However, Siddaramaiah had gone ahead and contested from Chamundeshwari segment and had lost miserably. Hence, he is believed to have taken his wife’s suggestions seriously this time around.

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