Will Ben Affleck, wife Jennifer Lopez ever reunite in acting world? Find out

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WASHINGTON: American singer and actor Jennifer Lopez, whose second shot at romance with Ben Affleck ultimately culminated in their marriage last year, recently teased an acting reunion between them.

According to Variety, an American media company, at the premiere of her new film ‘Shotgun Wedding’ when asked about her onscreen reunion with Affleck, she said, “Maybe, maybe! Absolutely… We talk. We love being together and working together so, yeah, you never know.”

Previously, the celebrity couple infamously co-starred in 2003’s ‘Gigli’, which bombed both with critics and at the box office.

Further, on the music front, Lopez insisted she doesn’t have a release date yet for her new album, ‘This Is Me… Now’, but said that she’s likely going to tour or book a Las Vegas residency in support of its release, reported Variety.

“The album is done and we’re just prepping the best time to put it out and roll it out little by little and deciding how we want to do that,” Lopez said.

In ‘Shotgun Wedding’, Lopez and Josh Duhamel star as a couple whose tropical destination wedding goes awry when kidnappers take all of their guests hostage, as per Variety.

Lopez and Affleck got married last year in July, about 20 years after they first set the world on fire as Bennifer from 2002 to 2004. (ANI)

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