Why Simon Cowell turned down opportunity to host his own TV show

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Why Simon Cowell turned down opportunity to host his own TV show

WASHINGTON: Well-known TV personality Simon Cowell is getting candid about why he’ll likely never host a talk show.

According to Fox News, a US-based news outlet, Cowell recently confessed in an interview that he almost launched his own talk show but changed his mind at the last minute.

“I got to the point where they built the set, and I started to get anxious and then really stressed out. And I just walked out the meeting,” Cowell told E! News. “I just said I literally couldn’t do this. I just couldn’t talk to people all day long. I’m not very good at talking.”

Cowell wouldn’t have been the first former “American Idol” alum to pursue his show if he had gone through with it. The fourth season of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” on NBC is hosted by the first-place winner Kelly Clarkson, and “The Jennifer Hudson Show” is hosted by Jennifer Hudson, who won seventh in season 3.

Following the birth of his son Eric in 2014, the renowned judge recently discussed how his judging style has changed in an interview with Fox News.

He explained that since his son was born, he now has “much more empathy for the younger acts” who audition. “The truth is you want everyone to succeed. I just get frustrated when people … don’t do well or make their own decision. … It’s frustrating,” Cowell said.

“When I first started making these shows, they just got loads of terrible people and asked me to comment on them. ‘Well, they’re all terrible. What do you want me to say?’ Then, over the years, I think people got better now.”

Cowell rose to fame as a member of the first “American Idol” judging panel, alongside Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. He was renowned as the harsher judge, who was not hesitant to express what everyone else was thinking.

He also served as a judge on both the British and American versions of “The X Factor,” and he is presently a member of the judging panels for both “America’s Got Talent” and “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Cowell has been credited for the formation of musical groups One Direction and Fifth Harmony and for launching Leona Lewis’ career. (ANI)

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