Who will win the upcoming Karnataka Assembly elections? Check out Public TV Survey Chapter 1

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BENGALURU: Ahead of the Karnataka Assembly election on May 10, Public TV conducted an honest survey titled the ‘Mood of Karnataka’ and has tried to give a clear answer as to whether the BJP, Congress or JDS will win.

Voting in the state will take place in a single phase in about one-and-half month’s time. Assembly elections are a big phenomenon in Karnataka and election activities are on in full swing with gift politics, the rush to inaugurate various development works and projects, to campaigning and finalising the list of candidates. The hot topic of discussion among people is who will form the next government.

There are many issues being hotly debated including whether the ruling BJP retain power, whether the Congress, which has been preparing for the elections very vigorously, come back, or whether no party will win a clear majority, creating an unstable situation and, if there is a stalemate, whether the JD(S) will get to play the kingmaker again.

The Public TV survey (Mood of Karnataka) has been conducted in every corner of the state without any bias, and more than one lakh responses have been collected. Of these, Public TV has rejected about 5,000 samples due to doubts about their authenticity and reliability.

Public TV considers this survey as a quarter-final and will conduct another survey in the coming days, which will be a semi-final. Most importantly, Public TV will give its predictions based on a final survey close to election day, which will be called the ‘mother of all surveys’.

How was the survey conducted?

Our representatives have surveyed all 224 constituencies and Public TV has also taken the help of some selected non-partisan volunteers. The representatives collected 500 samples in each segment spread across different locations. Public TV has cross-checked the samples for reliability and rejected the doubtful ones.

The survey was conducted on the basis of issues, and not parties and candidates. This is the first round of the survey, and, after the selection of the candidates, another survey results will be put out. The final survey will be conducted by an independent organisation under Public TV supervision. The results of last month’s survey have also included in this survey, however, candidate selection and declaration of reservation for constituencies has not been considered.

1. On what basis will you vote in this election?

Party – 27.72%

Candidate – 25.38%

Caste – 2.87%

Religion – 3.79%

Development – ​​36.20%

No comments – 4.05%

2. Will this election be held on the basis of Hindutva vs Development?

Hindutva as main agenda -11.15%

Development is more important than Hinduism – 37.24%

Both Hindutva and development are important – 38.32%

Don’t Know – 13.29%

3. What factors will affect your voting?

Price rise – 27.85%

Political stability – 3.34%

Corruption – 22.26%

Local issues/misgovernance– 16.44%

Development – ​​30.10%

4. Are you satisfied with the BJP government’s handling of Covid-19 pandemic?

Better – 35.43%

Average – 33.07%

Poor – 23.63%

Do not know– 7.86%

5. Will the collapse of the Congress-JDS coalition government affect the upcoming elections?

Yes – 36.51%

No – 42.26%

Don’t Know – 21.23%

6. Is the state BJP too dependent on Modi in this election?

Support for Modi – 53.85%

No, collective leadership – 29.02%

Don’t know – 17.13%

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