Whitefield CEN police team get notice from Kerala cops to appear for questioning on Aug 16

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Public TV English
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BENGALURU: The Kerala police have issued a notice to four police personnel of the Whitefield CEN police station to present themselves for inquiry in an alleged extortion case, on August 16.

Whitefield CEN police inspector Shivaprakash and his team including Sandesh, Vijay Kumar and Shivanna had been arrested by the Kochi police for collecting a bribe of Rs 3.95 lakh from two people, Akhil and Nikhil, in connection with an online cryptocurrency cheating case registered in Bengaluru.

The Whitefield CEN police team had gone to Kerala to arrest Akhil and Nishad and later allegedly struck a deal to let them off if they paid a hefty bribe. The Kalamassery police, acting on a complaint, tracked down the Karnataka team and found unaccounted cash in the vehicle. The team was later let off on station bail after due verification.

The Kalamassery police in Kochi have now collected some evidence and have prepared a detailed questionnaire. They also plan to quiz the Whitefield CEN police team regarding threat, blackmail and threat to assault.

The Kalamassery police also plan to question the team about the charges against Akhil and Nishad, evidence against them, whether the local police were kept in the loop among other issues.

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