We’ll do whatever possible to save human lives: Union Minister on Wayanad wildlife attack

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NEW DELHI: Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Bhupender Yadav, visited the homes of the deceased on Wednesday, who died in the wild elephant animal in Wayanad. Coming directly from Bengaluru for a two-day visit, Yadav met with the families of the deceased and offered condolences, a statement from the ministry of of Environment, Forest and Climate Change said.

According to the statement, during his visit, Yadav paid respects at the homes of the victims, including Prajeesh, who fell victim to a tiger, and Paul and Ajeesh, who lost their lives in elephant attacks. “Met the families of Prajeesh, Paul and Ajeesh, who lost their lives in the man-animal conflict in Wayanad recently. Their loss is irreparable”, Yadav said in a post on ‘X’.

Recognizing the complex nature of human-animal conflict in the region, the minister pledged unwavering support, both politically and administratively. “Human-animal conflict was a major problem in the region. The government would provide all support, both politically and administratively, to the officials and scientists working in this field to solve such problems. There must be a solution to this issue”, the release said..

“Since two states, Karnataka and Kerala are involved in this, discussions were being held with the officials concerned of both states,” it added. He emphasised the government’s commitment to finding a viable solution and announced plans to meet with local administration

“I will meet the officials of the local administration and NGOs working in this field on Feb 22nd. More information will be given after that meeting. We are guided by the vision of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi that environment and human life are equally important and should be protected”, the minister said. “Animals deserve pity but human lives should be saved with the help of new technology,” he added.

Earlier, in a post on ‘X’, the Union Minister shared his interaction with a young child who lost his father in the recent man-animal conflict. “Pains my heart to know that young Alna has lost her father Ajeesh to the man-animal conflict in Wayanad. Truly appreciate her strength of character which she displayed in our meeting, and the clarity with which she put forth her expectations from the government, even in the face of grief. Alna sure is a daughter to be proud of. Assured her that the @BJP4India government at the Centre stands by her family,” Yadav posted.

The Environment Minister also visited the Bandipur Tiger Reserve and reviewed the state of man-animal conflicts in the region on his way to Wayanad. “On my way to Wayanad, visited the Bandipur Tiger Reserve and reviewed the state of man-animal conflicts in the region. Discussed steps that can be implemented to ensure human-animal coexistence”, Yadav said in another post on ‘X’.

The Union Minister also held a detailed discussion with his party leaders and farmer leaders at Wayanad. “At Wayanad, I held a detailed discussion with BJP workers and farmer leaders. They shared a list of demands with us. I informed them about the work we are doing under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi”, Yadav said

His visit comes days after Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi abruptly halted his ‘Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra’ in Varanasi, and left for his constituency, prompted by public protest over the deaths of residents in wild elephant attacks. (ANI)

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