‘We will not make you believe and then betray like PM Modi’: CM Siddaramaiah

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HASSAN: In the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections, Karnataka Chief Minister and Congress leader Siddaramaiah took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Prajadhwani-2 Yatra in Hassan district on Friday.

“We will not make you believe in us and then betray Indians like (PM) Modi. We will not breach the trust. We have kept our promises. We formulated five guarantees to respond to the plight of the people of the state who were affected by the rising prices. We implemented it. We kept our promises.

We did not betray the trust of Indians like Modi,” Siddaramaiah said.
He inaugurated the Prajadhwani-2 Yatra during the campaigning of Shreyas M Patel, the Congress candidate in the Hassan Lok Sabha constituency.

“We will not make you a fool by provoking you emotionally. We will stand by you in the difficulties of your life. Why didn’t Prajwal Revanna and Deve Gowda raise their voices in Parliament about the injustice being done by the BJP to the state?” the Congress leader asked.

Siddaramaiah also questioned why the fund announced for the Upper Bhadra Project in the state by the Centre has not yet been released.

‘The Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced in the budget that 5300 crores have been allotted for the Upper Bhadra Project. But till now, they have cheated without releasing even a single rupee. The JD(S) stopped questioning this fraud and instead has joined hands with the BJP. Is it not a betrayal of those who voted for Prajwal Revanna,” he said.

“You believed Modi when he promised to create 2 crore jobs per year. All Indians believed.

But, when you asked for a job, he asked you to go and sell pakodas. Isn’t this a betrayal of trust of educated young men/women by Modi,” Siddaramaiah said.

He further criticised the central government for the “atrocities” against the farmers in the country.

“Isn’t the Modi government’s atrocities against the protesting farmers a big betrayal? BJP’s brutality towards the farmers who demanded minimum support prices for their crops is too much. Now is the time to teach those atrocities,” he said.

The BJP-led NDA has fielded incumbent MP Prajwal Revanna of Janata Dal (Secular) from Hassan against Shreyas Patel. Prajwal Revanna is the grandson of JD(S) supremo HD Deve Gowda.

The voting for all seats in Karnataka will be held on April 26 in the second phase. The counting will take place on June 4. (ANI)

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