‘We do not live in era of war’: Denmark Envoy agrees with PM Modi’s remark

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NEW DELHI: Denmark Envoy to India Freddy Svane, on Tuesday, said that India is already doing a lot in stopping the war between Russia and Ukraine and quoted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s words, “We do not live in an era of war.”

“I think India already has done a lot to make its influence felt in various places. India has a very important global role. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is playing a very important role globally. So I’m pretty sure and I feel convinced that India is doing whatever India can give of course the historic ties but also where India is now globally, strategically deer economically and also in the future. So I’m pretty sure that everything has been done in order to secure that nobody should move on with this war,” Svane said while talking with ANI on the Russia-Ukraine war.

“And as your Prime Minister has stated very clearly, we do not live in an era of war. And I think that is sending the strongest signal ever to stop the war because we cannot continue living in an era of war that should be over,” he added.

While talking about the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war, Svane said that it not only impacted European countries but also other parts of the world. He further stated that the war led to the hike in food prices, energy prices and even inflation increasing to a level unprecedentedly.

Svane also said that the war should have never been started and the best solution is for Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine’s territory.

“This is also alluding to the G20 foreign ministers coming here and of course, it would be hard not to see any discussion about this situation even though G20 has a much broader but also very, very important agenda. I have no comments as to who is visiting XY capitals and so forth but it’s of course basically a symbolic gesture showing that we stand behind an independent democratic country that has been attacked unprovoked. Denmark stands behind Ukraine,” he believed that G20 will have discussions on the Russia-Ukraine war.

Talking about the Crown Prince of Denmark Frederik Andre Henrik Christian and Crown Princess, Mary Elizabeth’s visit to India, Denmark Envoy said that they have high expectations from this visit.

“We have high hopes that this visit will also be productive. We bring in three ministers, we bring in 38 Danish companies who will be part of the Green strategic partnership. So this is about inspiring India. And now I’m so happy that the Indian government has now also started talking about green growth as a main priority for India towards Bixit Barrack,” he added. (ANI)

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