Water level in popular Sankey tank recedes as Sun beats down over Bengaluru

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Public TV English
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The water level has dropped alarmingly at Sankey Tank, a popular hangout.

BENGALURU: What was once a city of lakes, Bengaluru is now thirsting for water. From the 250 lakes recorded in recent history, only 24 major lakes remain while the rest have been destroyed.

The sizzling summer heat this year has only made matters worse. On Sunday, Bengaluru recorded a maximum temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, breaking previous records. While many areas are facing water shortage, the summer heat has also had its effect on the city’s lakes. The historic Sankey Tank in the heart of the city has seen a drop in water level by 5-6 feet.

The Sankey tank was built in 1874 by Colonel Richard Hieram Sankey, an officer in the Royal Engineers in the East India Company’s army in British India, during the drought. For many years, Sankey tank was the main source of water for the northern parts of Bengaluru, but was later stopped. The tank has helped in maintaining ground water levels around it, but is now slowly drying up.

“The last time we had seen the water leve drop to such levels was in 2004 when renovation work was taken up. Since then, this is the first time the water level has receded to this extent. At least now, the authorities should clear the silt and debris on the lake bed. Last year too, there was less rain during the monsoon season”, said Paras a local resident.

The tank is fed by rain water from IISc, Sadashivnagar and other surrounding areas. But, with no rain in sight, the intense heat, and excessive use of groundwater in the surrounding areas, the water level in Sankey tank has reduced to alarming levels.

Mallesh, another local, said, “In another two weeks, the water level will reduce further and the acquatic life will be affected. This has never happened in the last 30 years. In the last 50 years, this is the first time we are witnessing such drought-like situation. The government should consider cloud seeding, or else it will become very difficult for people. Sankey tank attracts a lot of people from different parts of the city”.

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