Watch out! Riding without helmet can invite fines at every traffic signal

Chandan Arora
Chandan Arora
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BENGALURU: If you ride your two-wheeler without a helmet, watch out! And if you are thinking that you will just pay the fine and get away, there is a rude shock ahead.

All along, if you paid the fine at a checkpoint, you could show the receipt at the next checkpoint and move on. But it will no longer be like that. The city traffic police are planning to introduce fines for helmetless riding at every traffic signal in the city.

Following the installation of ITMS cameras at traffic signals, the traffic police have registered over nine lakh cases in a month for violation of traffic rules. The intelligent traffic management system (ITMS) cameras have been installed at every signal. Helmetless two-wheeler riders will henceforth be fined at every intersection. If you have been caught previously, and even if you have paid a fine, you will be fined again and challans will be generated at every traffic signal they cross.

Dr M A Saleem, Special Commissioner of Police for Traffic in Bengaluru City

“Previously, those who did not wear helmets were fined on the spot by traffic police officers. Due to this, the time of the traffic policemen was wasted and sometimes also caused hindrance to traffic movement. We have introduced ITMS cameras to detect all traffic violations which are captured on camera. Ever since the installation of the ITMS system, the traffic police are able regulate traffic better. The captured video footage clearly shows the violations and 92 per cent of cases are now recorded due to the new system. But drunk driving, wrong parking and other violations are manually handled”, explained Dr MA Saleem, Special Commissioner of Police for Traffic in Bengaluru City.

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