Visit ‘Vidhyapeeta’, Karnataka’s biggest education expo, and get attractive gifts, prizes

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BENGALURU: Have you passed second PUC this year? Are you confused about what to do next? Are you worrying about your future studies? If you are thinking about get admission in prestigious educational institution, come along with your parents, friends or relatives to ‘Vidhyapeeta’, the two-day biggest education expo of Karnataka, presented by Public TV. Bring your PUC mark card with you while visit.

The sixth edition of Public TV’s ‘Vidhyapeeta’, on the theme ‘Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow’, in association with Ad6, will be held on June 3 and 4, 2023, at Gayatri Vihar (Gate No. 4), Palace Grounds, Bengaluru, from 10 am to 7 pm. There will be no entry fee for students and parents.

Get the gifts..!: If you have passed PUC II exam conducted in 2023, you stand to get a gift by showing your original or photocopy of your marksheet. But your score should be 60 per cent or above.

What is the criteria?: If you scored 60-80 %, 80-95% or 95-100% in second PUC, the promoters will offer ‘On The Spot’ gifts in recognition of your marks.

Everyone coming to the educational expo should be registered at the registration counter near the gate of the Palace Grounds. Attractive prizes will be given to the winners of the Lucky Draw, which will be held every hour.

There will be games too with education..!: Various competitions are organised to entertain the students on the Gayatri Vihar premises at Palace Grounds where the educational expo will be held. Interesting competitions like slow cycle race, pick-and-speak and other competitions will be held at ‘Vidhyapeeta’.

15 Cycles, 4 Laptops as Prizes!: Winners of slow cycle race can get cycles as award. Winners of pick-and-speak will get laptops as a prize. About 15 cycles and 4 laptops will be awarded to the winners in the 2-day event.

Participants at Karnataka’s biggest educational expo, ‘Vidhyapeeta’, will enjoy a great experience from experts, eminent personalities to enhancing your future academic life.

Public TV invites you to take part in ‘Vidhyapeeta’, the educational expo and all these competitions organised for you and showcase your interest in extra-curricular activities. Make note the dates: June 3 and 4 from 10 am to 7 pm at Gayatri Vihara, Gate No. 4, Palace Grounds, Bengaluru.

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