Viral video of school in Jaipur shows students taking UGC-NET exam amid chaos

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JAIPUR: A video of Nitin Girls Senior Secondary School (NGSSS), Jaipur on the UGC-NET examination is circulating on social media where students are seen taking the UGC-NET examination amid chaos and disorder and in the absence of any supervision.

The UGC NET Examination scheduled for March 3, started a bit late at Nitin Girls Senior Secondary School, Jaipur at 9.15 am when 174 candidates successfully logged in, the National Testing Agency (NTA) said in an official statement.

The examination was however disrupted at around 9.30 am by some unscrupulous elements.

The electricity supply to some of the rooms was snapped by these elements and amidst the commotion thus created, the examination had to be stopped and Police had to be called in, NTA said.

An additional Observer was also rushed to the spot to assess the situation.

According to the statement, finally, the examination started peacefully at 11.15 am and all the candidates were given full three hours to take the examination once it started. Some candidates opted to appear in the second shift in the same centre.

As a proactive measure, seeing the sensitivity of the situation, NTA arranged for the examination of candidates of the second shift at other Jaipur centres, the statement added.

NTA also arranged for buses for candidates to be carried to other Jaipur centres from this centre.

Forensic analysis of the answers submitted by the candidates will be done by the NTA before declaring their results.
An FIR is being filed against the miscreants who tried to disrupt the examination, said the statement.

A Committee, including cyber security experts, has also been deputed by the NTA to ascertain the other attendant facts.

Meanwhile, till the time the Report of the Committee is received, the Centre in question will not be used for any NTA examination.

It is to reiterate that NTA stands committed to the highest standards of professionalism in the conduct of the exams, the statement said. (ANI)

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