Viral post: Honest leave application left netizens low-key impressed

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NEW DELHI: A recent post on Twitter, where an employee was seen asking for a leave from his boss to attend an interview in another company, has gone viral and netizens praise the person for his honesty.

A Twitter user named Sahil shared a screenshot of a leave application that he received from one of his employees which read, “Dear sir, I’m sending you this email to inform you that i need leave for today to attend an interview for another company. I’d like to request that your please approve my leave”. A lot of Twitterati reacted to this and were amused by the utmost honesty and daring of the guy.

“My juniors are so sweet, asking me for leave to attend an interview” Sahil captioned sharing the post.
The post-low-key impressed a lot of netizens and some of them were in real shock, how daring the employee must be to send a leave application with this much straightforwardness and honesty to his boss?
“Sharing true reason is really very nice”, a user tweeted, telling how the truth always makes a good impression.

“They are faithful sir ji” another user tweeted, telling that his employees are very faithful to him.

This post of Sahil went viral over Twitter within minutes after he tweeted. (ANI)

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