Vindictive act: BRS leader slams PM Modi over IT survey at BBC offices

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HYDERABAD: The Opposition leaders on Monday came down heavily on the BJP-led central government after surveys were conducted by the Income Tax department at the Delhi and Mumbai offices of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

The Bharat Rastra Samithi, too, waded into the row claiming that the ‘raids’ only goes to show the vindictive nature of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his inability to take criticism.

“It is a vindictive act by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It also goes to show that the Prime Minister is unable to take criticism. The BCC documentary showed the dubious role of the Prime Minister in the (2002 post-Godhra) riots. If he thinks that whatever was shown in the BCC documentary series is not true, let him come out and say so.

Instead, he undemocratically and dictatorially resorted to banning the documentary,” BRC leader Dosoju Shravan told ANI on Tuesday.

“He has now sent IT officers to raid the BBC offices out of vindictive desperation,” he added.

“The freedom of expression in this country is under threat. Central agecies and institutions such as the CBI, ED and IT were used earlier by this government to hound and harass media houses that don’t take a pro-eshtablihment line.

Now, the BBC is being targeted as part of a similar ploy. This violates the founding ideals of our Constitution and also goes against the spirit of democracy. The BRS condemns the IT raids on BBC,” Shravan said.

He further alleged that the BJP regime at the Centre has destroyed institutions such as the CBI, ED, IT and the Election Commission and were now meddling in the affairs of the judiciary as well.

“Narendra Modi may be voted in the next elections but these institutions and our constitutional values are permanent. And if the spirit of democracy is to be protected then these institutions must stay apolitical,” he added.

IT officials swooped down on BBC offices at KG Marg in the natioal capital and Kalina in Mumbai for a survey on Tuesday.

According to reports, a team of IT officials arrived at the BBC Studios office in Kalina Santacruz around 11.30 am on Tuesday.

It was learnt that the tax officials were conducting verification of certain account documents in the finance department of the BBC offices.

The BJP, meanwhile, on Tuesday, responded to the IT survey at the BBC offices saying any news organisation operating in the country has to respect and abide by the laws of the land.

Taking on the Congress, which slammed the Centre over the IT activity in the offices of the British public broadcaster, the BJP said former PM Indira Gandhi, too, banned the BBC during the Emergency. (ANI)

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