Vijay Mallya axed out from his home by the UK court. 

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Owing over 9,000 crores to Indian banks, a UK court has evicted London-based liquor tycoon Vijay Mallya from his own London home. 

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The court has ordered Vijay Mallya and his family to vacate the house. However, a decision is pending on whether Mallya’s house, which is worth crores, has to be bought over forcibly or not.

Swiss Bank UBS has got the orders from the court to acquire Mallya’s house.  

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Vijay Mallya is currently facing a legal battle with 13 Indian banks in a court in England to seize his London property.

In 2017, Mallya was arrested. He had taken all steps for deportation; however, the central government had told the Supreme Court of India previously that his deportation process was delayed due to many legal reasons.   

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India has already cancelled Mallya’s passport and had requested the UK to deport Mallya back to India. However, even if his passport is forfeited, UK nationals can still live in England and Mallya is based in London. 

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