Vehicles parked on BBMP premises even after work hours

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BENGALURU: For motorists who get frustrated just looking for a safe place to park their vehicles, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) is coming up with a smart parking system for the city, but on its own office premises, vehicles continue to be parked even after work hours, sometimes for weeks and months on end.

Thousands of people visit the BBMP head office in the city every day for their work and citizens, officials and staff park their vehicles on the BBMP office premises during work hours. But shockingly, even on holidays, many vehicles can be seen parked on the premises.

Vehicles continue to be parked in BBMP even after work hours, sometimes for weeks and months on end.

Some of the private vehicles parked there belong to office employees or their families. There is no public access to the office after working hours and only government vehicles are permitted in the parking lot.

Vinod, a citizen

“The BBMP has introduced a smart parking system outside and it is helpful in generating income as well. But the same system should be implemented in the BBMP office as well. Some vehicles are parked here for days. It is not citizens who park their vehicles here, as there are parking restrictions. The rules should be implemented for all. There is security, safety and no charge, which is why they park vehicles on the office premises. Or else, they should allow the public also to park their vehicles there”, said Vinod, a citizen.

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