Varthe Panjurli Daiva keeps his word, main accused in murder case surrenders before court

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Public TV English
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The main accused in the case surrendered just as the Varthe Panjurli Daiva had predicted.

UDUPI: More than a year after a man was brutally murdered by his own friends, the main accused surrendered before a court here on Wednesday, as promised by the Varthe Panjurli Daiva to the victim’s mother.

CCTV footage had shown the killers fleeing the spot.

On February 5, 2023, Sharat Shetty was called away by his friends from the Daiva Nemotsava event in Kaup taluk, stabbed to death and dumped on the highway. Footage from CCTV had revealed six men fleeing the spot where Sharat Shetty had collapsed. Sharat was into the real estate business and it was suspected that his murder was linked to the underworld. While five of the accused had surrendered earlier, the main accused, Yogish Acharya had been absconding all along.

Sharath Shetty’s murder was suspected to be linked to the underworld.

Sharat Shetty had been a devotee of the Varthe Panjurli Daiva for 30 years and his murder had shocked the family. They had then prayed to the Daiva who had promised that the killer will not go anywhere and will eventually surrender.

Sharath’s sisters Sharmila and Reshma speak to the media.

Sharat’s sister Sharmila Shetty said, “It’s 15 months since the murder and we had prayed to the Daiva that the murderers should be punished. The accused has now surrendered before court. All those who abetted him should also be punished. The police should thoroughly investigate the case. We still don’t know why Sharat was murdered. We firmly believe in the Daiva”.

Sharat’s older sister Reshma said it is now up to the police and courts to deliver justice. “We can’t explain the describe the pain we have been through. Sharat was friendly with everyone and had no enemies. We don’t know why he was killed”. Mother Sulochana Shetty has withdrawn into a shell ever since the murder and only said that her son’s killers should get the harshest punishment.

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