Vadodara Zoo makes special arrangements to protect animals from heat

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Public TV English
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VADODARA: The officials of the Vadodara Zoo are sparing no effort to keep the animals cool amid the scorching heat in the last week of April.

Special arrangements have been made to provide respite to the animals from the rising temperature.

Talking to ANI, Deputy Commissioner of Vadodara Municipal Corporation Arpit Sagar said that green grass has been planted above the animal cage to protect animals.

“Green grass has been planted above the animal cage, on which water is sprinkled four times to keep the cage cool. There is a provision for health facilities. Animals are being taken total care of”, said Arpit Sagar.

In Madhya Pradesh at Kamla Nehru Zoological Garden located in the Indore district, arrangements have been made for coolers, sprinklers and water pools to provide respite to the animals from the scorching heat.

Zoo in charge Dr Uttam Yadav told ANI, “As soon as the temperature rises, the animals start feeling uncomfortable. Although we have done a very dense plantation here but still made special arrangements for the animals. We have arranged coolers for lions, tigers, bears, marmosets, etc. Besides, water bodies have been prepared for deer, peacocks, etc and sprinklers have been arranged for animals like Nilgai, Chinkara, birds, etc. It will give them a lot of relief from the heat.”

The tourists visiting the zoo were very happy to see the coolers and fountains installed for the protection of the animals from heat. They said that these arrangements are very good for providing relief to the animals from the heat. (ANI)

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