US President Biden apologises to Zelenskyy over delay in passing aid package to Ukraine

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WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden apologised to his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelenskyy for the delay in passing a new military aid package, held up by Republican opposition in Congress, reported CNN.

Biden’s apology came while he was announcing a new aid package for Ukraine in a bilateral meeting with Zelensky on Friday. “You know, you haven’t bowed down, you haven’t yielded at all, you continue to fight in a way that is just remarkable, is just remarkable—and we’re not going to walk away from you”, Biden told the Ukrainian President, as reported by CNN.

The US President stressed that they were facing “trouble in getting the bill” that they had to pass. “I apologize for the weeks of not knowing what’s going to pass, in terms of funding, because we had trouble getting the bill that we had to pass that had the money from some of our very conservative members who were holding it up, but we got it done,” he said.

Biden took the opportunity to tout Friday’s funding announcement, as well as increase the additional funding to Ukraine since he signed the supplemental in April, CNN reported. “Since then, including today, I’ve announced six packages of significant funding–today I’m also signing an additional package for $225 million to help you reconstruct the electric grid”, US President Biden said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, while inviting the countries to attend the Ukraine Peace Summit, stressed that “time is running” out to bring back Ukrainian children “abducted by Russia” who he alleged are being taught to hate their homeland.

Stressing the need for open and inclusive dialogue, he said the world wants to be united and be capable of acting in “complete harmony.” The Ukrainian President said that over 100 countries and international organizations have confirmed their participation in the Summit. He laid emphasis on nuclear security, food security, the release of prisoners of war and the Ukrainian children “abducted by Russia.”

US President Joe Biden will not attend the Ukraine peace summit, the White House said. US Vice President Kamala Harris, however, will travel to Switzerland next week to participate in the summit and will be accompanied by US National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan. (ANI)

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