‘Ultimately, victim’s family should get justice’: Kiccha Sudeep reacts to Darshan’s arrest in murder case

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BENGALURU: For the first time since the arrest of actor Darshan Thoogudeepa in the Renukaswamy murder case, his compatriot Kiccha Sudeeep spoke up on the issue saying, “Ultimately, victim Renukaswamy’s family should get justice, there should be no black remark on film industry. The industry has grown with the sacrifices of many artists, it should not get a black remark just because of one person.

Speaking to the media in Bengaluru, he said, “Don’t treat celebrities like God, don’t expect that we do right things all the time and don’t assume that we are always right. Everyone makes mistakes every day and we learn from  them”.

Further, he said, “The courts will decide who is the culprit, and we should accept them. We cannot judge the issue by ourselves. I am learning about the case from what is shown on television. The media and the police are doing a very good job of bringing out the truth”.

“The CM is firm in the case, which means he is working in the right direction. I will not criticize the government. Ultimately, Renukaswamy’s family, his wife and the film industry should get justice”, the actor said.

“Today, the film industry is being dragged into one issue or the other. If people are not coming to the theatres, the cinema is not good. The trend has changed now, so the film industry should be clean. The guilty must be  punished”, Sudeep said.

Reacting to calls for a ban on Darshan in the film industry, Kiccha Sudeep asked, “Banning him is not important. What is a ban? Justice is important here. The Karnataka Film Chamber is here to give justice. Justice, friendship, and relationships are all different”.

Renukaswamy hailed from Chitradurga, a town which has a connection with Sudeep. “When it comes to a man hailing from anywhere, wherever they may be born, it doesn’t matter for me. When a person is born in Karnataka, they are Kannadigas and they are close to me. Finally, I would like to say, the victim’s family should get  justice”.

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