Two young schoolchildren lose their way after school, reunited with parents

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BENGALURU: The V V Puram police traced two young schoolchildren who had lost their way within three hours and handed them over to the parents.

The two children had walked a little distance away from their autorickshaw after school when the autorickshaw driver had gone inside for a brief while. Not able to figure out how to get back, the children wandered for some time.

A police officer comforts the rescued schoolchildren.

The presence of mind of one of the boys, aged five, helped trace them. The boy told a young woman who was passing by that they are feeling scared and said that he knew his father’s phone number. The young woman got another individual who was close by to call the boy’s father from his phone. The caller informed the boy’s father that the children are near the Satellite Bus Station and cut the call.

The boy’s father reached the police station and informed the police about what had happened. The police then traced the caller’s house based on the tower location and a team of 20 policemen fanned out around the Satellite Bus Station.

Luckily, the police found the two children about 1 km away from where the call was made. The two children were then brought back and reunited with the parents.

In another incident, the Banashankari police helped reunite a missing minor with the family within two hours of receiving a distress call on the Namma 112 helpline.

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