Two women fight with footwear on BMTC bus after argument

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The two women hitting each other with their footwear on a BMTC bus.

BENGALURU: Two women travelling in a BMTC bus got into a fight and hit each other with footwear over a trivial issue, much to the shock and bewilderment of the other co-passengers. The undated video has since gone viral.

The incident occurred on the Majestic-Peenya route (No. 252). When the bus reached Rajajinagar, the women seated one behind the other, got into an argument over opening the bus window. Soon, it led to beating each other with footwear.

Other passengers took one of the women to task while some of them suggested that both women should be asked to alight. In the video, a passenger can be heard saying, “Take a photo and send it to Siddaramaiah”.

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