Two-wheeler rider suffers broken arm after hitting unscientific speedbreaker

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The dangerous speedbreaker in front Carmel Convent Higher Primary School in Jayanagar.

BENGALURU: A two-wheeler rider suffered a fractured arm after his vehicle hit a speedbreaker and skidded near Carmel Convent Higher Primary School in Jayanagar recently.

Irshad Venur was returning home towards Adugodi from Malleswaram after work on February 18 when an aged person sought a lift near Hudson Circle. Irshad obliged and dropped him off near the JP Nagar dental college. When he was returning, he did not notice an unscientific speedbreaker put up near Carmel Convent, hit it and fell.

Irshad Venur suffered a fractured arm.

“I usually don’t stop my vehicle for anyone, but the elderly gentleman said he had been waiting for a bus for more than two hours and hence, I stopped. He requested to be dropped off somewhere near Jayanagar and I agreed since it was on my way. At night, nobody can make out that there is a speedbreaker near the Carmel Convent. There are no cat’s eyes, no yellow paint or warning signboard near it. Even streetlights are not there”, Irshad pointed out.

“I lost balance and fell after hitting the speedbreaker and sustained a fracture in the arm. Doctors also said that the spine has been affected and that I will need a surgery which will cost Rs 50,000-60,000. My appeal to the BBMP and the Special Traffic Commissioner is that such accidents should not happen to anyone else. So far, we had pothole problems and now we have issues with unscientific speedbreakers too and these should be removed”, he added.

Specifications for Speedbreakers:

  • As per the Indian Road Congress code, the minimum speed of approach to a speedbreaker should be 20 kmph, minimum chord length should be 3 my and height of the speedbreaker should be 0.1 mt.
  • Speedbreakers should have black/white stripes and self-reflecting strips for identification at night.
  • *Cat eyes should be placed to indicate the presence of a speedbreaker.
  • Warning signboard should be place 40 mt away.

Residents of the area say that at least 3-4 mishaps occur every day due to the unscientific speedbreaker with people sustaining injuries. In some cases, two-wheeler riders have even required surgeries, they pointed out and demanded that the BBMP take immediate action to rectify the speedbreaker.


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